Guaranteed Mold Remediation

An innovative approach to mold remediation in your home and ventilation.

We use hardware diagnostics to detect traces of mold in the air and destroy it in the hardest to reach places.

We will leave behind a clean and orderly room with no trace of mold and a warranty on the work.

100% безопасные и гипоаллергенные химикаты
100% safe chemicals.
Работа по договору и гарантия на результат
Work under contract and warranty
Бесплатная диагностика в день обращения
Free diagnosis on the day of arrival

About Us

We are a well-coordinated team of specialists from Russia and Europe.

The company has a valid professional license, and all employees have Emirates ID and work permits.

Our main principle is to do the job to perfection, «as we would do it ourselves».

Лицензия HandyMan One
Our Professional License
- HandyManOne


Electrician, instrumentation specialist

Work experience 12 years

Специалист по ремонту кондиционеров


Electrician, specialist in repair of air conditioners and household appliances
Experience of 11 years

Специалист по чистке кондиционеров от плесени – Шилкин Владимир


Engineer-designer of hydraulic structures, ventilation systems
Work experience 10 years

We Guarantee

Handy Man One – кто мы такие?

How We Work

We respect our labor and our customers – that’s why we don’t limit ourselves to superficial cleanup or temporary solutions.

Instead, we provide a comprehensive service to remove mold down to the last particle and eliminate the causes of mold.

The cost of our work depends on the scope and complexity and starts from AED 600.

Inspection and diagnosis

We start with a thorough inspection of the premises, using diagnostic equipment to detect mold particles in the air and its remote foci in air ducts, behind walls, etc. This is the only way to determine the presence and localization of mold and dirt

Mold removal

After the mold is detected, we use special equipment and safe hypoallergenic products to completely destroy it. We strictly follow safety precautions for the safety and well-being of your home

Remediation of mold causes

The causes of mold are poor maintenance or contamination of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Therefore, together with the removal of mold, we fully maintain the air conditioning system to prevent its recurrence


After the main part of the mold removal work, we treat the room with chemicals that are safe for people to eliminate even the minimal risk of mold re-growth

Cleaning and repair

Mold spoils walls and leaves black spots, and cleaning air conditioners often requires dismantling walls or ceilings. Regardless of the complexity of the work, we will leave your room in its original form

Report and maintenance recommendations

As we work, we keep you informed of all the steps and nuances. After the work - we give you tips and recommendations to prevent mold and maintain a safe atmosphere

We have developed a mold removal and disinfection service taking into account all the peculiarities of the Dubai climate and have successfully tested it on dozens of cases. Let’s start creating a healthy and safe atmosphere together! 😉

Waiting For Your Request!

Are you in doubt whether the air in your home or office is in order?

Don’t wait for mold, dust and condensation to cause big problems.,
contact HandyMan One —
the most uncompromising fighters for clean air in Dubai and Sharjah!

A specialist will contact you as soon as he can, answer all questions and prescribe a diagnosis

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Customers About Us

Игорь Жуков CEO HandyMan One
Igor Zhukov,
head of HandyMan One

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