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Air Quality in Dubai

Our company is fully licensed, and every team member has an Emirates ID and extensive experience in their field.An important part of living in Dubai is the air quality. Due to the quality of the air on the streets, smog, dust storms, and simply unfavorable environmental conditions are prevalent.

Because of these factors, Dubai Municipality recommends cleaning the air conditioner at least once every three months. When the conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, dust accumulates on the coil, which gets wet and then dries at temperature difference, and mold forms on it. Then, when you turn on the air conditioner, mold spores fly into the room, and you breathe them in.

Professional Services for Air Conditioners

Our company professionally services air conditioners of all types.

Cleaning Process

  • Step 1: We cover everything with protective film.
  • Step 2: We disassemble the air conditioner completely, wash the coils, remove and wash the motor impeller, and vacuum everything around it.
  • Step 3: We use a special vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush to clean the air duct from the inside all along its length.
  • Step 4: We steam clean all mold and decorative grilles without damaging them.
  • Step 5: We treat everything with hypoallergenic chemistry using a cold fog machine.
  • Step 6: We clean up after ourselves.

After the thorough cleaning process, you can enjoy clean, healthy air in your home. The main difference between us and other companies lies in our meticulous and comprehensive cleaning approach, ensuring the removal of all mold and impurities from every component of the air conditioning unit.


Our company is fully licensed, and every team member has an Emirates ID and extensive experience in their field.

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They quickly diagnosed the issue with my AC and had it running cool in no time. Highly recommend.

Aiibek Abdykadyrov
Had my AC serviced. It's now running better than ever! The team was thorough and respectful of my home.

Ali Hussein
Best AC Service compnay in Dubai! Impressed with their professional approach to AC repair. Prompt, efficient, and reliable service.
Rajesh Gupta
Our AC was making noise. They quickly identified and fixed the problem. Superb service!

Mohamad Abboud
Knowledgeable and courteous team. They explained everything clearly and fixed our AC promptly.

Zahra Farid

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